Oil Painting Style

Style is a topic that people often talk about. When it comes to the style of Big Canvas Art painting, it is often associated with genres. In a sense, style is a comprehensive expression of the artistic characteristics of a work and an artistic language, which contains both content and form.A history of art, up and down thousands of years, can even be traced further, but the development of the stage of Modern Wall Art painting is hundreds of years.The style of Black and White Wall Art is varied, especially in today’s era, the artistic style is more numerous. Beyond count. Every artist’s attitude and method of creation are often different, only those who stand on the shoulders of their predecessors and absorb the essence from the inherent classical examples. Only by breaking through the traditional mode, opening up their own unique aesthetic horizon, exploring new artistic connotations and manifestations, and striving to establish their own independent artistic quality, can such artists truly have the style of great artists. However, such a successful artist, no matter in which era. They are only a few.


Artists have different preferences and naturally different entry points for their own artistic choices. Some focus on skills, some start with ideas, and some think about skills and concepts together at the same time. Whatever attitude toward art, there are reasons for its existence. After all, what people see is the work in the end. As for the merits and demerits of the works, their character is pure and vulgar. Ultimately, it’s up to people to judge, and it’s up to time to choose. The survival of the fittest is the law of history, and the history of art development is also a kind of history.

Some people have said that literature and art is to “make invisible things visible”. To make something invisible to others visible. This is not to say that invisible things do not exist, but that “things” are often ignored by people. Artists have unique vision and through their creation, use their language to present them in another way, so that people can “see” and arouse thinking and resonance. The result of this creation is literary and artistic works. One writer said, “Novels are the backlight of the soul. You inject a part of the soul into the work so that it has your flesh and blood. It also has the height of art.” The same is true of painting. What kind of thinking and expression do painters create? What tendencies are there in the process of creative practice? The artistic achievements created. What’s the difference between this painter and other painters? This thinking is different and the angle of creation is different. The emphasis of art on law is different, that is, the style of the painter. That is to say, style is an organic combination of thinking and expression.

As far as the form of expression is concerned, the painter actually strengthens his own performance (from one factor of many modelling factors to one aspect of this factor, and regards it as the dominant factor of his personal work form. At the same time, he weakens and abandons other factors, making it subordinate or even cancelled. The intensification wells mentioned here are not simply strengthened, but originated from the unique understanding of plastic arts by individuals, which is the result of artists’perception in the pursuit of artistic language. Even between realistic or concrete painting and modern abstract and expressive Large Abstract Art Cheap, there is no insurmountable gap. On the contrary, they are interlinked in many aspects of aesthetics. Some artistic factions claiming to break away from traditional aesthetic concepts and no longer be bound by traditional artistic principles eventually fall into a new trap and conform to new norms. And between the new norm and the traditional norm, there is often an inseparable inheritance relationship. Tradition has no boundaries, for the later renewed art factions. These once new norms have gradually become “traditions”. In traditional paintings, such important things as composition balance, color coordination and harmony, reasonable distribution of black, white and grey, proper organization of points, lines and surfaces, orderly operation of picture structure and appropriate control of rhythm and rhythm can also be found in paintings of different genres in different times.

Cindy Sherman: the self-representation of female characters-living room wall art

Living room wall art-At Christie’s spring sale in May 2011, Large Canvas Art Sale the world’s most expensive photo to date was released.
One photo sold for a whopping $3.89 million.
In people’s understanding, the author of this record should be a famous artist who has passed away or is old.
In fact, on the contrary, this is a middle-aged photographer, Large Abstract Art Sale and a female sex.
The man is Cindy Sherman, a famous American photography artist.

Cindy Sherman was born in 1954 in New Jersey.
She moved to New York with her boyfriend, also an artist, Big Contemporary Wall Art in the late 1970s.
Cindy Sherman’s luck, it can be said, can not be replicated.
Within three or four years of her arrival in New York, she was on The cutting and fast track to fame in The us art world with her “The Untitled Film Stills” series.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART 

Still from the untitled film series, created between 1977 and 1980, features 69 black-and-white photographs.
These photos are like the moment when the film freezes.
There is only one woman in each picture.
They come in all shapes and sizes, from sexy women in bed, women with blank stares, fashion models, women who find themselves peeping, even actresses in suspense stories.
At first glance, these women look like characters from a Hollywood movie.
Viewers might think that some of the pictures were taken by Cindy Sherman on the set of the movie, some of the women she shot on the street, some of the people she knew…
Not really.
Few people would have thought that every character in the photo was Cindy.
Sherman herself.
Cindy Sherman has meticulously dressed herself up as hundreds of characters for dramatic theatrical performances in dramatic photographic Settings.
In the photo, those women often stay in a relatively internal, relatively private space, such as the study, bedroom, living room and so on.
In these originally should feel very relaxed, very free environment, those heroines revealed a nervous, helpless, confused look, just like someone is snooping on them, also put on some sexy, charm, elegant posture, such as with the
shooting of advertising video, film.
For instance, in this photograph, goodwife is in his home, still wearing sunglasses however, dress connects pantyhose, condole of white formal attire belt skirt, a fashionable and fashionable dress, be like to want to go out to go
Not only that, she has a goblet in one hand, leaning against the door frame;
Holding a cigarette in one hand, he raised his skirt to reveal the root of his thigh.
She was as seductive and flirtatious as if she were posing for an advertisement.

“I use these images to express my ambiguous attitude toward sex,” Sherman said of the photos. “we’ve grown up with these images of women.
Our movies are full of such characters.
But people want you to be a good family woman, not that kind of woman.
Through this kind of setting, Sherman discusses the influence and shaping of female image by mass media and male vision in this era of consumption.