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Who doesn’t fancy digging via abstract animal paintings on canvas collections every now and then?

2020 in Chinese tradition is the year of the metal rat. And since it is clear that everyone wants to be lucky, we did some digging and found something interesting.

Of course, the official Year of the Rat starts on January 25th, but what prevents us from showing these 3-panel animal wall art collections that you should consider getting?

In 2020, the most popular signs in the Chinese zodiac are tigers, horses, and rabbits.
Tiger Wall Art Collection
People born under the Chinese zodiac sign have a lot of luck in the education sector. Show that you are proud to be born in the year of the tiger! has a sizable tiger wall art collection if you’re an enthusiast and a lover of wild felines.

From the lovely neutral rendering, it looks great in color space, like this:

Ah yes, the majestic animals that ride into the battle beneath the world’s greatest conqueror! For those born in the Year of the Horse in China, 2020 will be a year of introspection. This will be related to deepening their beliefs and getting deeper into spirituality.

abstract horse canvas, horse art paintings

Animal wall art like horse paintings completes the interior decor in an amazing way, depending on your choice of interior style or furniture pieces.

Fortunately for you, also helps you in finding the horse wall art collection.

Cute, fluffy, and absolutely tempting. The rabbit is one of the best creatures on the planet. Local rabbits are easily successful in finance and relationships this year. Who knows, if you were born under the age of such a small furry creature, it would bring a lot of luck?

As for the abstract animal drawings in, we don’t have many bunnies yet. However, we do plan to expand the lovely rabbit wall art that we already have.

More animal wall art to come!
Biologically-centered interior design and other nature-centered designs are now popular. Therefore, even simple things like animal wall art can enjoy natural wonders in their own houses.

Therefore, continue to explore our series, you may find some products that meet your taste, and can complete the interior decoration at home.

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