how to start abstract painting

Most abstract painters were classically trained painters, and they would venture away from the drawer — as if things were meant to be.

Some artists have gone the other way, taking their talents to the heights of the realists. Ran Ortner is one of my favorite surrealism artists because his work is meditative and transcendent.

But other artists are tired of putting beautiful fruit or other things in the sun, and they want to try something else.

However, the Techniques and principles of some canvas abstract art follow the same artistic principle – No matter what type it is.

1. Composition
There is usually a need for a focal point in a painting. You need to know the rule of thirds — there’s a great link to this photography site, but it’s visually stunning:

In this large abstract painting canvas, the white brush strokes at the bottom left are the focus. In my opinion, all paintings need a focal point. And this painting also follows the ‘thirds’ concept.

2. Paint application or medium of your choice
Note that you usually want your canvas to be saturated with color layers. In fact, you might want to cover the entire canvas with paint from corner to corner. The process can take days or weeks, requires patience, and may take account of dry conditions.

Painting takes time. I usually have to work on more than one canvas at a time to satisfy the urge to keep painting. But I moved to another canvas, one that was drying, and I spun between them.