Contemporary living room ideas on a budget

People who pay attention to American decoration will find that the least decoration in American homes is green plants and paintings because hanging abstract paintings in the living space are the easiest way to let art into life.
Walls are barriers and protective screens. It builds our home. In this era of a minimalist life, the simplest wall in the home space can become the carrier of art to meet the dual needs of art appreciation and home decoration.

Abstract landscape painting
Hang a favorite landscape painting. On that day, every time the water tree was seen, it always made people feel deep and warm. It seems that the cold landscape is embedded in life, People will open another door to watch the world.
When a soft or strong brush strokes across the home space, people have already opened up the way of thinking about art. His life is about to add a beautiful melody, fascinating the artist through painting, thinking about the whole era and understanding the art world and history, achieving double improvement in aesthetics and quality of life.

Abstract art painting
There is hardly any similarity with the natural image, but there is a strong form to form the appearance. Abstract art paintings are the product of people’s carefully designed imagination. They are hard to understand. But if you understand the meaning and it resonates, hanging it at home is your spiritual expression. The art design of American furniture complements modern abstract painting, which makes the home full of artistic spirituality.

Oversize wall art
Huge paintings can also appear in the family. Art should not be the high-end thing that is kept away from ordinary life. The home space is the canvas that carries the works of art.
The large abstract painting works bring the artistic rendering effect that other paintings are hard to match.
Whether it is hanging on the wall or as a background wall, it will make the furniture of the whole house seem to have a soul.
From the symmetrical arrangement of furniture to the mutual response of ceiling and floor.Paintings and columns on the left and right walls. The identical candlesticks on the table reflect the beauty of symmetry in the home.
Symmetrical placement can often give people a sense of order in the home to achieve a calm decorative effect