decorating with acrylic painting

The works of art you choose to hang at home, such as abstract paintings or other framed works of art, directly reflect your taste and personality. In fact, your own home decoration itself is an art form. All people who are interested in home design have good ideas that they want to achieve at home. The colors, styles, and themes you choose make a sense in your home. Homeowners may stick to modern or traditional family themes, while office decorators usually choose formal themes.

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A great way to play with sophisticated design is to use large wall paintings or other wall art. You can find a variety of styles, themes or categories of paintings to suit your design. For example, if you want to use natural themes, you can find works of art depicting flowers, wildlife, birds and other outdoor scenes. Outdoor and landscape themes are usually more traditional, but if you want to use more modern themes, you can also use large abstract paintings. There are so many works of art to buy that you can find anything you want.

Artists can use many different paints and materials to create their own works. For wall painting, the most common paint is usually oil paint, but sometimes acrylic paint is also used. The water-based oil-based paint is also more and more popular. This kind of paint is easier to use and clean than the past ones. The biggest advantage of acrylic paint is that its drying speed is faster than that of the oil paint. But all these paints can make art beautiful.

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An original work of art by a world-famous artist can be expensive. In fact, most of them are expensive, and ordinary people can’t buy them at all. Many people in this position are often get imitated or replicas.

Check out the options in your local art gallery, art dealers and art galleries to find out what themes and styles you want to hang in your own home. Then look for some similar work or recreate from and see how it changes the feel of your entire home. large abstract wall art is a great addition to any home.

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Modern decorate a style has become highly regarded beautify a style, it offers the strong sense of metropolitan, light concise line and fashionable design forms cherished by young people, plus contracted the highlighted design, proper space can evade the life grade of owner and temperament, modern decor style is contracted but not simple, today allow us know about the particular modern decoration style.

Contemporary decoration style features
Luxe emphasizes functional design, along with simple and smooth lines plus strong color contrast.
Cerebrovascular accident USES the material such as toughened glass, metal steel to be auxiliary material in great amounts, can bring the feeling of avant-courier, free through constraint to the individual.

Because the line is basic, adornment factor is little, furniture of modern-day style needs perfect soft clothing to cooperate, ability displays aesthetic feeling. For example, the sofa needs cushion regarding leaning on, a table needs mensal cloth,
bed requirements curtain and sheet in order to foil, the soft outfit is the key to modern style.
Color scheme associated with modern decoration style
Possess hale and hearty color fastens: core color is usually red, whole bedroom surface spreads a red carpet. The particular curtain USES the publishing cloth of blue a hundred, become extreme contrast along with red carpet. Furniture is provided priority to with white-colored, wall and ceiling furthermore are given priority in order to with white, can prevent so comparative and extreme and appear dazzling.
Lilting color system: the center color is yellow, lemon. Choose orange carpet, drape, bedspread with yellow plus white printing cloth. Sofa, ceiling USES gray tone, in tie-in a couple of greenery foil, make the particular bedroom is brimming with a comfy, relaxed atmosphere.
Powdery gentle color fastens: center color is downy pink. Carpeting, chimney, curtain USES red-colored add white to proceed, furniture is white, space local ornament is poor blue, with add romantic atmosphere.

Elegant tone: red will be the center color. Sofa, lampshade with pink. Drape, bedspread with pink publishing cloth, floor light color, wall Art cream whitened.

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Modern decorate a design due to its concise plus modern design by youthful folks love, do not really look down when the particular modern decoration style, for the reason that final effect of modern decoration style design may be
changeable. Different tonal and different material may let contracted style coruscate gives new glorious. Cheap large paintings  If you also like modern decoration style might since well create their very own perfect decoration effect!

Black and white Painting restoration process

Oil painting is the painting mixed with oil and the power of pigment, which is painted on the basic surface of linen, board or board. Due to the oxidation of oil, the oil paint is completely dry. The paint after drying is bright, firm and has a quality and tangible.
Generally think oil painting is firm and solid not bad, actually otherwise, the passage of time, 
Great Big Canvas the change of temperature and humidity, the attachment of dust, the invasion
of insects, etc., in more than ten years of time enough to damage the oil painting.
Identification before repair
First, a detailed inspection is made before the restoration of the work. The inspection process can be divided into four aspects:

1. Textual research of works
Understand the author and the creation time, look for relevant information and painting characteristics about the painter, such as the commonly used material, color, brushstroke, creation style, creation idea and aesthetic point of
view, etc.
This kind of investigation can help the restorer establish a deeper understanding with the work, 
Large Abstract Painting on Canvas and master the original creation face of the work more accurately when
Ii. State evaluation
Firstly, it is necessary to determine whether the painting technique is an oil painting or glue painting, record the size of the work, the theme, the signature of the painter, the date of completion, the storage condition of the inner frame
and outer frame, etc., and then conduct in-depth analysis after recording these basic conditions.
A. Substrate: the materials used to distinguish the substrate are flax, jute, hemp, cotton cloth, mixed fiber, board or fiberboard;
The method of fixation is to use a nail or a nail for a gun;
Whether there is damage, oxidation corrosion, dampness mildew, microorganism or insect damage;
If it has been repaired by predecessors, what are the way of repairing and the adhesive applied?
B. Substrate
coating”: understand the color of the substrate coating, and whether the substrate has the phenomena of separation, floating, cracking, flaking or microbial invasion.
C. painting layer: analysis of adhesive used in pigments;
The thickness and thickness of the painted layer;
Tonal it is to belong to bright color, gray or dark tonal;
The color technique used is transparent painting or opaque painting;
Fine or rough strokes;
Whether the painting layer is cracked, locally or comprehensively, 
Large Canvas Art how deep the crack is, and whether it begins to spall;
Whether the surface of the color layer appears blisters and so on.
The degree of these factors is evaluated and analyzed.
D. Protective layer: whether there is a protective layer, which is comprehensive or partial, times of application and thickness.
Carefully distinguish between transparent color and the color of the vannis layer whether there are lesions or microbial infestation.
Iii. Laboratory diagnosis
A. Ultraviolet irradiation: ultraviolet irradiation can penetrate into the interior of the protective layer and paint layer. When this kind of ultraviolet light is irradiated on the surface layer of the work, it will show blue-violet
refraction light.
B. infrared ray: its radiation principle is like the radiation of X-ray, but its radiation function is not as strong as that of X-ray. However, it’s perspective range is far beyond the ultraviolet radiation, and it can reach the coating
base and sketch layer of the substrate, so it can provide the restorer with quite correct information.
Take photos and file
Before and after the restoration of the artworks, both of them have the feeling of being different from each other. Therefore, before the restoration, it is necessary to take photos for archiving, as a witness for later comparison.
In addition, in the process of restoration, the original picture of the work is often needed as a supplement to master the color and composition of the whole work.
The key points of photography include the complete front, back, inner and outer frames of the works, and then the macro lens is applied to take pictures of partial close-ups in a segmented way.