Contemporary living room ideas on a budget

People who pay attention to American decoration will find that the least decoration in American homes is green plants and paintings because hanging abstract paintings in the living space are the easiest way to let art into life.
Walls are barriers and protective screens. It builds our home. In this era of a minimalist life, the simplest wall in the home space can become the carrier of art to meet the dual needs of art appreciation and home decoration.

Abstract landscape painting
Hang a favorite landscape painting. On that day, every time the water tree was seen, it always made people feel deep and warm. It seems that the cold landscape is embedded in life, People will open another door to watch the world.
When a soft or strong brush strokes across the home space, people have already opened up the way of thinking about art. His life is about to add a beautiful melody, fascinating the artist through painting, thinking about the whole era and understanding the art world and history, achieving double improvement in aesthetics and quality of life.

Abstract art painting
There is hardly any similarity with the natural image, but there is a strong form to form the appearance. Abstract art paintings are the product of people’s carefully designed imagination. They are hard to understand. But if you understand the meaning and it resonates, hanging it at home is your spiritual expression. The art design of American furniture complements modern abstract painting, which makes the home full of artistic spirituality.

Oversize wall art
Huge paintings can also appear in the family. Art should not be the high-end thing that is kept away from ordinary life. The home space is the canvas that carries the works of art.
The large abstract painting works bring the artistic rendering effect that other paintings are hard to match.
Whether it is hanging on the wall or as a background wall, it will make the furniture of the whole house seem to have a soul.
From the symmetrical arrangement of furniture to the mutual response of ceiling and floor.Paintings and columns on the left and right walls. The identical candlesticks on the table reflect the beauty of symmetry in the home.
Symmetrical placement can often give people a sense of order in the home to achieve a calm decorative effect

Arranging and Grouping Wall Art

Perfectly arranged and combined canvas wall art can make compelling statements in any room of the house. Learn the best way to arrange them to make full use of space and abstract wall art.

Large Abstract Painting On Canvas Modern Blue Abstract Acrylic Painting Oversized Wall Decor 2 Panel

Getting Started
The key to adding a set of abstract art to your home is to match the right abstract canvas wall art with the right room. This requires some planning. There are many things to consider before measuring and hammering a large painting canvas.

Selecting Your Painting
The first thing you need to do is choose the large abstract painting you want to hang on the wall. Do you have enough oil painting to create groupings? If you don’t have enough images to the group, you need to make some selection purchases to complete your collection.

Make sure you have enough photos to fill the space without having to spread them too far or gather them tightly together. Ideally, there should be an inch or two between each photo. Don’t worry about the final number; the goal is to fill a space that is naturally unsuitable for a particular fragment set.

Arranging New abstract canvas painting
If this is your first home, and you haven’t accumulated enough abstract art painting to a group, you have several choices. One way is to place a single focus style work on the wall and slowly add abstract canvas around it to generate groupings over time. The second way is to wait until you have accumulated enough abstract oil painting before hanging them up.

Frame It
Make sure the frameworks look good together as a group. You will decide the color of the frame or a set of colors. You may want a formal design with a gold Baroque and various gold decorative frameworks. If your home is designed for leisure life, you can choose a simple wooden frame, or if your decoration is a modern black glossy frame.

The idea is to have at least one common element between all frames. This may be the same shape, the same style or the same stress. In this way, you can add to the grouping over time without worrying about finding exact matches for other frames.

Mats Create Interest
Remember the tangling. Mats balance the image, giving it more weight and space. You can utilize a solitary tangle, twofold or triple mats if you are predictable among every one of the photos in the gathering. Shading is likewise significant with regards to tangle determinations and balancing oversized abstract wall art in a gathering; attempt to discover one basic shading in every one of the photos and use it on every one of the mats. This might be as basic as white, or a more eye-popping red, contingent on both the shade of the casing and the hues in the photos.

Abstract wall art for living room

Large Abstract painting is a very common and popular element used to decorate houses. But not all houses look good and show the same type of paintings. Abstract wall art may seem like a very pretentious style that’s not suitable for any home, doesn’t look great only in modern decors. It can also complement nicely a more traditional setting. This is why modern and contemporary homes should feature modern art unless their interior is a mix of styles. Modern art is usually defined by simplicity and lack of clear images.

It is abstract art and it is often difficult to decipher the meaning behind it. Sometimes you even wonder if it makes sense, or if it’s just a random color. Abstract art is non-representative and often minimalist. This is an art that encourages us to use our imagination. You can look at a modern painting and imagine a variety of things, each line giving meaning to each line and color in a different way.

Although the Large Abstract Wall Art is beautiful in the museum, it looks better on the walls of the house, and you can spend time making your imagination crazy before considering it. There are many different types of Modern and Contemporary Abstract Wall Art. For example, the Large Black and White Abstract Art trend has some simplicity and elegance. The minimalist painting does not express anything but rather states that the geometry and shape are very simple, and there are several other types.

Several aspects must be considered when choosing a Cheap Large Abstract Art for the family. For example, you must first determine where the painting is placed. Then you have to consider the size. Oversized paintings are very popular and beautiful. You must also decide which colors should be displayed and also the ambiance you want to create.

Cindy Sherman: the self-representation of female characters-living room wall art

Living room wall art-At Christie’s spring sale in May 2011, Large Canvas Art Sale the world’s most expensive photo to date was released.
One photo sold for a whopping $3.89 million.
In people’s understanding, the author of this record should be a famous artist who has passed away or is old.
In fact, on the contrary, this is a middle-aged photographer, Large Abstract Art Sale and a female sex.
The man is Cindy Sherman, a famous American photography artist.

Cindy Sherman was born in 1954 in New Jersey.
She moved to New York with her boyfriend, also an artist, Big Contemporary Wall Art in the late 1970s.
Cindy Sherman’s luck, it can be said, can not be replicated.
Within three or four years of her arrival in New York, she was on The cutting and fast track to fame in The us art world with her “The Untitled Film Stills” series.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART 

Still from the untitled film series, created between 1977 and 1980, features 69 black-and-white photographs.
These photos are like the moment when the film freezes.
There is only one woman in each picture.
They come in all shapes and sizes, from sexy women in bed, women with blank stares, fashion models, women who find themselves peeping, even actresses in suspense stories.
At first glance, these women look like characters from a Hollywood movie.
Viewers might think that some of the pictures were taken by Cindy Sherman on the set of the movie, some of the women she shot on the street, some of the people she knew…
Not really.
Few people would have thought that every character in the photo was Cindy.
Sherman herself.
Cindy Sherman has meticulously dressed herself up as hundreds of characters for dramatic theatrical performances in dramatic photographic Settings.
In the photo, those women often stay in a relatively internal, relatively private space, such as the study, bedroom, living room and so on.
In these originally should feel very relaxed, very free environment, those heroines revealed a nervous, helpless, confused look, just like someone is snooping on them, also put on some sexy, charm, elegant posture, such as with the
shooting of advertising video, film.
For instance, in this photograph, goodwife is in his home, still wearing sunglasses however, dress connects pantyhose, condole of white formal attire belt skirt, a fashionable and fashionable dress, be like to want to go out to go
Not only that, she has a goblet in one hand, leaning against the door frame;
Holding a cigarette in one hand, he raised his skirt to reveal the root of his thigh.
She was as seductive and flirtatious as if she were posing for an advertisement.

“I use these images to express my ambiguous attitude toward sex,” Sherman said of the photos. “we’ve grown up with these images of women.
Our movies are full of such characters.
But people want you to be a good family woman, not that kind of woman.
Through this kind of setting, Sherman discusses the influence and shaping of female image by mass media and male vision in this era of consumption.

Oil painting theory and techniques-living room wall art

Living room wall art-Style is a common topic of conversation.
When it comes to the style of painting,Great Big Canvas  it is often associated with the genre.
In a sense, the style is a comprehensive expression of the artistic characteristics of the work, an artistic language, which contains content and form.
An art history, up and down thousands of years,Black And White Painting can be traced even further, but the development to the stage of oil painting, is hundreds of years.
The styles of oil painting are varied and varied,Contemporary Painting especially in today’s era, and the styles of art are even more numerous.ABSTRACT ART CANVAS PAINTING, LARGE ART. YELLOW, GRAY

There are many.
Every artist’s attitude and method of creation are often different, only those standing on the shoulders of predecessors, drawing essence from the inherent classic examples.
Only by breaking through the traditional mode, exploring their unique aesthetic vision, exploring new artistic connotation and expression forms, and striving to establish their independent artistic quality, can such artists truly have the demeanor of a great artist.
However, such a successful artist, no matter which era.
Very few.Artists have different preferences, and naturally they have different entry points for their artistic
choices. Some focus on skills, some on the idea of hands, and some also put skills and concepts together.
No matter which kind of attitude towards art, there are reasons for its existence. After all, what people see is the work.
As for the quality of the work, taste clear and vulgar.
It’s ultimately up to people to decide, and time to choose.
Survival of the fittest is the law of history, so is the history of art development.

Protection and restoration of oil paintings-living room wall art

Living room wall art,The paintings are mainly painted with pigments mixed with quick-drying oil such as flaxseed oil, walnut oil and poppy oil.
Usually painted on cloth, board or cardboard with a base.
The slurry of pure white ground base is composed of chalk, gypsum powder, animal glue, linseed oil and other adhesive materials.

Modern adhesive such as synthetic resin in place of animal glue.
In addition to the material above, add the required pigment.
When the painting is finished drying, paint (or varnish) on the surface.
The production technology, material and preservation condition of oil painting are the main factors that determine the preservation period of oil painting.
The wood that protects the drawing board that serves as foundation, stretch nail canvas inside frame is advisable to use straight grain dry lumber, the making method of the wooden bar of inside frame should be inside thin outside thick,
cross-section is inclined form, all round USES lively tenon add wedge, loosen can adjust such drawing board and inside frame not easy warping deformation, canvas is not broken.


Keep the humidity of oil painting storage environment between 50 ~ 60%,Large Canvas Art Cheap up or down not more than 2 ~ 5%, so as to avoid the oil painting hygroscopic expansion, resulting in oil painting layer and foundation detached or part of empty drum, oil quality yellow, white, oil painting mildew and rot.
Save the painting should be in 15 ~ 25 ℃, environment temperature fluctuation is less than 2 ~ 5 ℃, to avoid the buckling deformation of oil paintings, oil paint coating aging embrittlement, darker black picture.

Too much or too little natural light can damage the painting.
On the glass window of the exhibition or the exhibition hall where the oil painting is stored, a film containing ultraviolet absorbent is added to prevent the oil painting from fading due to too much sunlight.
Paintings, if stored in the dark for a long time, will also be dark.

Repair methods
Correction of warp: wood oil painting due to the change of placement environment, caused the warping of the drawing board, can immediately put the painting back to the original place, so that it gradually restored the original.
After a few months, still can not restore, then the painting upward flat.
Place several layers of wet filter paper under the back of the plate, and apply some pressure on the screen with soft materials such as felt.
After waiting for plank to absorb moisture, pressure can increase gradually,Large Canvas Art Sale achieve as far as possible restore original state.
To strengthen the drawing board: when the drawing board is cracked, in order to prevent the drawing board from continuing to extend, a semi-movable latticed bracket can be installed on the back of the board. A number of longitudinal
strips can be installed at a distance of 10 to 15 cm along the direction of the wood grain and fixed by mortise and tenon or adhesive.
Each strip has an equal distance of holes to be inserted into its crossbar at right angles.
Horizontal bar is not fixed, so that the board has a slight expansion room.
Paste peeling paint: peeling paint can be glued with beeswax and resin.
Repair holes: canvas with holes can be repaired with a patch on the back.
Cut a piece of cloth slightly larger than the hole, the same quality of cloth, with the blade oblique cut, thin edge, or around the woven fiber to pull out some, with beeswax, resin glue heating sticky fill.
Then fill the front with animal glue and chalk and a small amount of flaxseed oil.
Repair torn opening: first, the torn yarn is finished, temporary tape from the front will be fixed tear mouth,Large Wall Art and then from the back of the canvas for patching repair.
Replacement basis: if the painting board or canvas is badly damaged, it needs to be replaced to maintain the current picture.
The method is to secure the picture with cotton paper first, then carefully remove the back of the old painting board or canvas.
If partial foundation and oil paint layer bond firmly, usable tool or sandpaper polish clean, change new board, with epoxy resin bond.
Linen can be glued with beeswax and resin.
The removal and re-painting of varnish: the protective layer of varnish (or varnish) on the surface of an ancient painting, if it has aged, become yellow, black, lose its transparency or appear white, may be removed by organic solvent.
The commonly used solvent is ethanol, acetone, dimethylformamide, the inhibitor is turpentine, rectified petroleum.

Home decoration image ornamental painting matching skills

Set up process of living room wall art really belongs to the family to decorate part of soft decoration, primarily by installing the proper adornment to decorate household wall structure effect, the adornment picture of different style may bring different aesthetic feeling, in order to household environment so add on collocation is a check from the owners aesthetic ability.


Photo decorative painting and metope matching techniques.
Since the adornment picture is employed to modify the metope, increase household specific metope beautiful ornaments, so right now there is no doubt that will adornment picture is set up on the wall rather then put on the table or elsewhere, in cases like this, the particular drawing style of the particular decoration painting itself must be regular with metope decorate a style to style, such as metope is usually American rural wind lighting coffee color, should
not be therefore choose design adornment image of modern fashion sense is simply too strong, should be given priority to along with natural scenery of the adornment picture.

For instance metope is contracted and thoroughly clean ivory again, therefore the photograph of amorous feelings of a Greece adornment is drawn will be correct choice, can build the Mediterranean type amorous feelings which gives romance effectively.


Within a word, adornment image is to come in order to serve for metope, want to give priority in order to with the style of metope, must not put the cart before the equine.

Photo decorative painting plus photograph frame matching methods:
No matter what will be the content of decoration, design itself needs to end up being a suitable frame to frame the paintings, which usually incorporate adornment picture joining on metope, in opt for the frame mounting decoration, can choose relatively character picture frame, don’t have in order to stick to traditional sq . or rectangle adornment image frame, an improved elect to have got the circular frame, pet design frame, frame wonderful  appearance,personality
frame can bring some vivid and flexible sense to photograph add on, make adornment look possess unique beauty.

Binding technique of photograph decorative paintings:
After the metope design style and picture frame have already been matched, the next action is to match the binding proportion of ornamental painting and metope.
If bind a adornment in order to draw to metope just, can bind adornment image towards the positive center associated with metope, but if much adornment picture is sure to metope at the particular same time, have to beautify a picture to
press different aesthetic to situation, can centralize bind within the certain point of metope, build “adornment picture a single horn” effect.
Also may disperse living room wall art within each corner of metope, build the effect that gives chromatic picture wall structure, wait a moment.